Anna and Mila, Mother and daughter, are living the circus life. moving
from one show to the next, living as drifters.
Anna, the mother, lives life by her own rules and immediate decisions, shifting her moods from enlightenment to despair.
Except of casual Man that Anna meets from time to time and with no fixed home all that Mila has is her mother.
Through their high and lows it seems that the child had developed a unique clarity that reflects this complicated relationship in a rather different light.
Directors - Onn Halpern & Liel Simon
DOP - Liel Simon
Production - Tamara Erbe, Lisa Marie Wischer
Mother - Bettina Hajanti
Daugter - Lilli Jellinek
Man - Olivier Bernard
Circus Artists - Celestina Mancha, Maistro Alfonzo Zayas, Jomier Lou, Sarah Cinardo, Jane Riedlger, Taryn McGovern
Circus Maestro - Thiago Valente
Costume - Dorin Amitzur
Circus Make-up - Te Te